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Hey guy, haven’t you had your eye on that hottie long enough?

Hey girl, aren’t you sick of sitting back and seeing other women snap up all the eligible bachelors?

It’s a frustration we’ve all been familiar with at one point. But you don’t have to live with it anymore…

Pheromone ColognesThe pheromone cologne and pheromone perfume market has exploded over the last couple of years. No longer a product without proof, under new technology some fragrances have evolved into powerful aphrodisiacs that are changing the love lives of men and women all over the world.

But not all pheromone products were created equal. As the industry has grown, so have the number of copycat and cheap imitation products.

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About Which Pheromones

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The Science Behind Pheromones

All human beings produce pheromones to various degrees. They are naturally produced chemicals in our skin that transmit unconscious signals to those around us when smelt. For men, they tell females that you are fit, healthy and fertile. For women, they tell men that you are an excellent match for bearing offspring. This creates an unconscious level of attraction that neither the man nor woman has control over because it is evolutionarily hardwired into us.

Those people who naturally produce higher levels of pheromones have so far been benefiting from a natural unfair advantage – similar to women born with big breasts or men with large penises. But like the cosmetic surgery that helps people overcome the insecurity of their natural shortcomings, thanks to extensive research, specialist companies have now been able to synthetically reproduce human pheromones in laboratories and fuse them into pheromone cologne and pheromone perfume. The result is powerful dating aids that help people achieve more attention, phone numbers, dates and sexual experiences!

In the last few years, sales of pheromone cologne and pheromone perfume has gone through the roof and day by day more mainstream fragrance companies are trying to get in on the action.


Imagine If You Could Attract Your Ideal Partner…

Imagine if you could attract almost anyone you wanted without effort. Millions of people do it everyday – they just don’t realise it. This is because human attraction is heavily influenced by our own unique smell.

This is the study of pheromones. Pheromones are naturally produced chemicals in our body that we secrete through our skin whenever we sweat. They have a distinctive aroma to them and many scientists believe that they used to, and still do, play in important role in evolutionary biology and the selection of mates.

You see, back in the caveman times, human beings could not rely on fashion or job status to choose compatible sexual partners. The theory goes that instead we would use our sense of smell to judge the reproductive suitability of our peers. The distinct aromas given off by certain individuals would subconsciously tell us about that person’s overall health and qualities as a sexual partner.

For men, those with high levels of testosterone where seen to be better mating partners because they tended to be better fighters and stood a better chance of protecting their partner and her offspring. The smell of men with high testosterone levels was very distinct and subconsciously that scent would become highly attractive to females over thousands of years.

For women, those who emitted strong levels of copulins would be viewed as ideal mating partners for males. The copulin scent is an indicator that the women is fit and fertile and ideal for baring the males’ offspring. Similarly, over thousands of years, this scent has become subconsciously very powerful in influencing males – causing hormone level changes and certain behaviour changes around women.

For the past hundred years, many scientists have explored the phenomena of attraction and smell. The first person to identify their presence and role in human attraction was the German physician and hygienist, Gustav Jager. Back in the turn of the last century, Jager identified lipophilic compounds in human sweat that he concluded would determine the individual signature of human odors. In more recent years, a researcher from the University of Chicago, Martha McClintock, conducted what is considered to be a seminal piece of research on the effect female sweat in moderating menstruation cycles.

It wasn’t until the early 1990s that industry of synthetic human pheromone creation took off, however. After years of research, trial and error, and patent testing, pharmaceutical companies managed to create a process for synthesising human pheromones in laboratories. The result is a whole line of pheromone oils, pheromone perfumes and colognes that have been made available for sale as powerful attraction aids. In the last ten years pheromone perfume and cologne sales have gone through the roof as more and more people has discovered their dramatic confidence boosting effects.

Different Pheromone Compounds

It is believed that men and women each emit different compounds of pheromone substances. Male pheromones relay certain information about the individual, mainly that they are strong, masculine or good communicators – important qualities in the eyes of women. Female pheromones send messages to men that the individual is fit and fertile, an ideal partner for baring offspring. As a human being, regardless of whether you believe you like these qualities in members of the opposite sex or not, the principle of pheromones goes that you have no choice but to feel attracted to them. This is because they are hormonal responses that are evolutionarily hardwired into us.

As a man, you may not like the idea of having children, but the scent of copulins will still effect your basic hormonal nervous system and you will develop feelings of attraction to the female emitting them. Likewise for women, you may not think you like big strong muscly guys, but the scent of testosterone and pheromones will create a feeling of attraction to the person. The central message being – the attraction is not a choice!

Male Pheromones

After studies it has been found that men emit three main types of pheromones – Androstenone, Androstenol and Androsterone.

What is Androstenone?

Best Pheromone CologneAndrostenone is the most well known pheromone released by men and plays a major role in creating a perception of dominance and aggression. Almost all pheromone colognes on the market today contain Androstenone as their primer pheromone because it has been found to have the most noticeable affect on female behaviour. Men with elevated quantities of Androstenone in their sweat are usually assertive in natural and display powerful ‘alpha male like ‘ qualities. This theory rings especially true because the dominant male in a community is often the most wanted man by the majority of females.

What is Androstenol?

Androstenol isn’t quite as powerful as Androstenone in directly having an effect on female behaviour, but it still serves a key evolutionary purpose. Frequently referred to as the ‘confidence ‘ pheromone, Androstenol is vital in the social side of courtship and mate selection. This pheromone creates a very friendly and approachable aura in the person who is secreting it. It is a preferred pheromone compound for men that attend functions or parties where mingling and small talk is important. While not as effective in creating sexual tension, Androstenol is superb at helping men create closer psychological connections with women that they are interested in and can seduce later.

What’s Androsterone?

Like Androstenone, Androsterone is a human pheromone that’s strongly linked to dominance. It is a less aggressive substance than Androstenone, however, and rather instead promotes an aura of safety and trustworthiness. Some have compared Androsterone as a mixture of Androstenone and Androstenol as it has the former’s dominant features joined with the latter’s more confidence emitting tendencies. And it’s subtlety is exceedingly powerful.

Female Pheromones

After studies it has been found that the majority of female pheromones are released from the vagina in bodily fluid and are referred to as copulins (derived from the word copulate). These are a mixture of different pheromone compounds to rely important messages about the women to the man.

What Are Copulins?

Best Pheromone PerfumeScientists refer to copulins as ‘pseudo-psychological chemicals’ and much study has gone into their role in human biology. They are predominantly released in large quantities during periods of sexual arousal or imminently before sexual intercourse and form a large component of the vaginal fluid secreted when the female becomes ‘wet’ – allowing the male penis easier access to the vagina.

How Copulins Influence Male Behaviour

Understanding the purpose of copulins in the reproductive process, many scientists believe that they have the power to influence behavioural changes in men. The hypotheses is that when smelt by males, copulins trigger certain hormone level changes in their body. In short, the associated smell from the copulins causes male testosterone levels to increase and they become more horny. As a result, many believe that they leads to an increase in perceived attractiveness among those females who are emitting the scent.

Biological Theory of Copulins

The advocates of copulin theory believe that their scent has the potential to affect the subconscious part of the male mind because of deep evolutionary purpose. In the caveman times, human beings could not really on status and haircuts to determine potential sexual partners. Instead they would rely on sense of smell to pick compatible mates and when was the right time to ‘copulate’ (initiate intercourse).

When a women is at her most fertile, it has been shown that she emits certain compound changes in copulin secretions. This slight change in smell is picked up by the male hypothalamus (part of the brain) and subconsciously tells him that this woman stands a good chance of baring him healthy offspring. Regardless of whether she is his type or not, the theory goes that the male will develop a strong subconscious attraction to her. Such a simple theory, so very powerful.

Use Of Copulins In Pheromone Perfume

After becoming attracted to and understanding copulin theory, many scientists and fragrance companies have been able to reproduce pheromone compounds contained in copulin secretions and fuse them into pheromone perfume. By recreating the scent of female pheromones, these companies have been able to manufacture dating aids that help emit copulin scents without relying on it being their time of the month. Women the world over now use pheromone perfume to help harness the power of evolutionary theory and improve their love lives.